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QwaQwa branch opening

It is official, Hardware Mecca is now open in QwaQwa. Saturday 26 October 2019 Hardware Mecca opened another branch in Phuthaditjhaba with massive opening specials. The excitement was clearly visible with people waiting from early morning for the doors to open and at 8:00 people rushed into the store to get their specials. The day…
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Blast a big moment for company

POINT three of a second. That is how long it took 15 tonnes of explosives in 160 holes that were 9m deep to detonate. It took a while before this could happen, however, because an environmental impact study, licence and permits were required to start mining. At the same time, all the requirements as determined…
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PRE-BLAST REPORT BRICK MECCA QUARRY 6/10/2014 This document entails the works done by Brick Mecca to establish the quarry at farm Taaiboshfontein for the production of Dolerite. The Report will cover aspects such as site establishment/infrastructure, construction, excavations, and machine set up. SITE ESTABLISHMENT/INFRASTRCUTURE All site establishments has been done with machinery ranging from Graders,…
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